Vlogger & YouTuber Zaid Ali T – Personal Life, Wife & Career

Zaid Ali

Zaid Ali is a Pakistani Canadian YouTuber, Vlogger, Actor, and Social Media Star. He is considered one of the Inaugural YouTubers in Pakistan. He is the recipient of many awards, including the Pakistan International Screen Awards (PISA 2020) in the Category of Best YouTuber.

Zaid Ali Age

Zaid’s age is currently 26 (as of 2021). His height is around 5 feet 8 inches, and he weighs over 65 KG. 

Zaid Ali Family

Zaid Ali’s family was settled in Waterloo, Canada. After the birth of Zaid, the family moved to Pakistan and then relocated to Canada after several years. Zaid’s mother, Naheed Kausar, also features in Videos of Zaid, while his father’s name is Waqar Ahmad Qureshi. Zais’s younger sister, Amna Tahir, is recently married. 

Zaid Ali’s Wife

Zaid married Yuma in 2017. Yumna is also running her own YouTube Channel with over 300K Subscribers. 

Zaid Ali Early Life, Education & Career

Zaid was born in Waterloo and received his education in both Canada & Pakistan. After moving back to Canada, he started his YouTube Channel featuring Comedy Videos, Mimicries, Vlogs, etc. His videos rounds around Differences in Desi and Modern Culture. 

One of his videos was shared by Bollywood Actress Sonakshi Sinha, which resulted in worldwide fame for Zaid. He currently has over 3 million subscribers on YouTube and over a million followers on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.


Zaid Ali’s YouTube Channels & their Stats

These are the channels Zaid Ali is running;


ZaidAliT Vlogs 

Total Subscribers: 3.35 Million

Joined in September 2012

Channel Total Views: 532,408,364 

Youtube Awards: Gold & Silver Button



Total Subscribers: 676K 

Joined in March 2010

Channel Total Views: 59,863,231 

Youtube Awards: Silver Button


ZaidAliGaming: This channel is focused on Zaid Ali’s Gaming, where he plays PUBG, Fortnite and CS: GO.

Total Subscribers: 223K subscribers

Joined in February 2019

Total Views: 5,595,510 views

Zaid Ali Net Worth

There is no reliable and authentic information regarding Zaid Ali’ Net Worth, but it is approximated that he has assets of over five million US Dollars. 

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