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Controversy in Pakistan’s T20 World Cup Camp: Babar Azam’s Alleged Body-Shaming of Azam Khan

Babar Azams Alleged Body-Shaming of Azam Khan


As the T20 World Cup 2024 approaches, the Pakistan cricket team is under a microscope. Recent controversies and a history of fluctuating performances have placed immense pressure on the squad. Among the latest incidents, a viral video suggests that team captain Babar Azam’s alleged body-shaming of Azam Khan during a training session. This incident has sparked widespread criticism and raised concerns about team morale and leadership.

Viral Video Sparks Outrage: Did Babar Azam Body-Shame Azam Khan?

The criticism surrounding Pakistan’s squad selection for the T20 World Cup 2024 has been relentless. Azam Khan, in particular, has faced severe backlash. Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi publicly questioned Khan’s fitness, stating he would not allow Khan near the team based on his physical condition. The viral video, showing Babar Azam allegedly calling Khan “Gainda” (a term used derogatorily to describe overweight individuals), has only intensified the debate.

Social Media Reactions: Divided Opinions on Babar Azam’s Comment

The viral video has caused a stir on social media, dividing opinions among cricket fans and analysts. The footage shows the Pakistan team in a training session, where Babar Azam appears to make the controversial remark. Critics argue that such comments are detrimental to team spirit and individual confidence. Below are some notable reactions from social media:

  • Abdullah (@abdullahhammad4): “This is disgusting, below the belt and outright shambolic. Babar Azam saying that ‘ay gainda nai siddha hoya’ to Azam Khan in practice is an exhibit of everything which is wrong with our society and our team both.”
  • Sami Ullah (@Sami_ullah_1234): “Now Azam Khan got the nickname ‘GENDA’ from Babar Azam.”
  • Mariya Rajput (@mariya_raj10): “After Chacha and Chota Don, this time it’s Azam Khan who got a nickname by Babar Azam.”

The video has highlighted deeper issues within the team dynamics, particularly regarding how players are treated by their peers and leaders. The controversy comes at a crucial time, just weeks before the T20 World Cup, adding to the pressure on the Pakistan squad.

Azam Khan’s Struggles: Performance and Fitness Under Scrutiny

Azam Khan’s recent performances have not helped his case. In the recently concluded T20I series against England, Khan scored only 11 runs across two matches and struggled with his wicket-keeping duties, dropping several easy catches. This has led to widespread criticism from fans and former selectors, who have questioned his inclusion in the World Cup squad. Many experts believe that Khan could be in better physical shape to compete at the highest level.

Despite this, Babar Azam has publicly defended Khan, calling for fans’ and critics’ support. In a press conference, Babar emphasized the need to back the players chosen for the World Cup. He stated, “When we don’t select a player, you ask us why we did not select him. And then, when we select him, you ask us why he was selected. We need to back the players who have been selected.”

Moving Forward: Steps to Improve Team Morale and Unity

The Pakistan cricket team must address these internal issues and foster a positive and supportive environment. Leadership is key, and Babar Azam must ensure his actions and words uplift his teammates. Publicly defending Khan is a step in the right direction. Still, internal team dynamics must be strengthened to avoid further controversies.

To maintain a strong and cohesive unit, the team management should:

  • Conduct team-building activities to improve camaraderie.
  • Encourage open communication and address any grievances promptly.
  • Focus on fitness and performance standards uniformly to avoid singling out individuals.


As the team gears up for the T20 World Cup, overcoming these challenges and presenting a united front will be essential. The support from fans, selectors, and the cricketing community will significantly boost the team’s morale and performance.

While the controversy surrounding Babar Azam’s alleged body-shaming of Azam Khan comment has cast a shadow over the team’s preparations, addressing these issues constructively can help Pakistan focus on their ultimate goal—performing their best at the T20 World Cup 2024.

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