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Top Ten Freelancing Websites/Platforms in Pakistan – Earn Online in Pakistan


With the invention of the Internet, it is now possible to earn money while sitting at home. The Internet has created millions of jobs yet and creates thousands of jobs on a daily basis. With the Internet, One can communicate and work for anyone irrespective of his/her physical location. Here is a list of ways to earn online money and the top ten freelancing websites in Pakistan.

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. Freelancer
  4. Guru
  5. 99designs
  6. People Per Hour
  7. Flexjobs
  8. Work-Chest
  9. Toptal
  10. Freelance Writing Gigs


Fiverr is one of the largest freelance platforms across the Globe, founded in 2010. The algorithm of Fiverr is considered the best among all the Freelancing Platforms. It is very easy to start selling your skills on Fiverr, Just SIgn up for a Fiverr account and Log into your Fiverr Seller Account. Next thing is to create your Fiverr gigs, Fiverr provides new sellers with an opportunity to create seven multiple gigs at one time. Not only for sellers but Fiverr is also the best option for Buyers because services at Fiverr are cost-effective.

Services available on Fiverr include Video Editing, Proofreading, SEO, App Store Optimization, App & Web Development, Social Media Marketing, and more.

How to Start Selling on Fiverr:
Follow these steps to set up your Fiverr account and start your freelancing Career OR click here to get all the Information in easy steps;

  • Create your Fiverr Account from the “Sign Up” Option.
  • After Signing Up, Log into your Fiverr Account.
  • Insert all your details and then create a Fiverr gig relevant to your skill.
  • Earn Money & Withdraw through Payoneer Account in Pakistan.
  • The minimum Withdrawal limit from Fiverr is 20$.

Read about the Procedure to withdraw from Payoneer in Pakistan.


Upwork is an American Freelance Platform. In Pakistan, Upwork is considered the second most used freelance platform. Same as Fiverr, you can create your Upwork Account and then provide all the information and make strong portfolios of your skills. Upwork pays more to the Freelancers than Fiverr, that’s why many freelancers prefer Upwork over Fiverr. In Pakistan, Earnings from Upwork can be withdrawn to your Payoneer Account. The minimum withdrawal limit of Upwork is 20 USD.

Learn Graphics Design from Graphics Guru: Click Here


If you are looking for the easiest way to earn money online in Pakistan, then can be the perfect option for you! Freelancer provides the platform for both Freelancers & Employers. If you are an employer you can post your job and get it done from top freelancers. In Pakistan, Freelancer is also widely used to earn online money.


Guru is another platform for earning money online in Pakistan. Founded in 1999, Guru is considered one of the oldest freelancing sites in Pakistan. Guru is headquartered in the United States.

The procedure for Creating a Freelancer account at Guru and making money online at Guru is similar to Fiverr and Upwork. The most important thing about Guru is that it shows the personal details of sellers unlike other freelancing sites of Pakistan.


Graphics Designing is one of the leading skills which is high in demand across the world. There is a need for Graphics designers for small companies to the large business setups. Digitalization in every sector of life brings thousands of opportunities for Designers. If you are a designer and want to earn online in Pakistan, then 99 Designs can do wonders for you!

People Per Hour

Based in the United Kingdom, People Per Hour is one leading Freelance Marketplaces in Pakistan and other regions of the world. People Per Hour is popular among the Employers and Freelancers of England and Wales, but recently People Per Hour made its way in Pakistan and other countries. The procedure for earning online in People Per Hour follows the algorithm like other Freelancing Platforms.


FlexJobs is another Freelance Platform that makes it easy for employers to find potential Freelancers and vice versa. It is also based in the UK but you can work online in Pakistan for Flexjobs and earn online money in Pakistan while working from home.


Hisham Sarwar’s owned Work Chest is the only Pakistani Freelancing Platform that is dedicated to providing services for Pakistani Sellers & Freelancers to work from home and earn money online. At Work Chest you can provide services related to Graphic Designing, Development, Programming, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing etc.


TopTal is a unique freelance platform because it hires only experienced, professional and highly-skilled freelancers who are Top-rated sellers at multiple other freelancing Platforms. So, If you are a highly skilled Freelancer and can provide top quality services to your client then TopTal is the best option for Pakistani Freelancers to earn money online. Toptal gives more income than Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, guru etc.

Freelance Writing Gigs

Are you looking for online writing Jobs OR are you a Blog/Content Writer? Freelance Writing Gig is a Freelance Platform from where you can earn online Money in Pakistan. A speciality of Freelance Writing Gig is that it provides thousands of opportunities for writers to showcase their talent and work online and early while working from Home.

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