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Q for Quran: get in the habit of reading the Quran daily

Q for Quran: get in the habit of reading the Quran daily
Q for Quran: get in the habit of reading the Quran daily

Q for Quran is an application designed to inculcate the habit of reading the Qur’an in people. With this app, you can now read the Qur’an at your own pace and time. This application is available on Android and Apple smartphones. And its web version is also available.

Gamification: Levels of Motivation

Like any game, this app has different levels to keep the user interested.

In Q for Quran, the user just has to specify his daily time and then this app provides the task to the user on daily and weekly basis accordingly. And when these tasks are completed, the user reaches the next level. This feature has been introduced to encourage the youth to get in the habit of reading the Qur’an daily.

Key Features: Personal or Global Event

The most important feature of this app is Quran recitation event and collective Quran recitation, in this app users from all over the world can create their own personal event for reciting Quran for various reasons.

For example, for reward, for a new home, or for the joy of having a new job, etc. Just create an event and invite all your loved ones online. In addition to your loved ones, you can invite Muslims from all over the world to join your event. And you can contribute to the completion of the Qur’an by participating in a global event.

Keep track of your progress:

With this app you can now keep track of your progress. The user’s personal progress screen shows the total number of verses read, the user level, the user’s weekly progress, and the number of completed Qur’an in which the user has contributed. The home screen shows the total number of online readers, the total number of readings, and the total number of completed Qurans.

A few other Key Features:

۔ This app is available in different languages ​​ (English, Arabic, Hindi, Indonesian, and Malaysian).

۔ The translation of the Holy Quran is available in more than a hundred languages.

۔ Community progress screen

۔ Read as you wish

۔ Habit Building System

۔ Social Media Integration

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