Telenor Daily, Weekly & Monthly Internet Packages

Telenor Internet Packages

Telenor is a leading mobile network providing customer-friendly services all across Pakistan.  

Internet Packages of Telenor are the best selling because of their fastest Telenor 4g speed. Telenor net packages are available for daily, weekly, and monthly usage. Here, you will get all the particulars of Telenor internet data packages.

Daily Telenor Internet Packages

Telenor is offering exciting 4g internet data for daily usage so that customers can enjoy the fastest Telenor 4g experience at less expensive costs. 





Subscription Code

Daily Social Pack

Rs. 2.5

70 MB of WhatsApp and Facebook

1 day

Dial *311#

Raat Din offer

Rs. 18

1.5 GB of internet data

1 day (From 12 PM to 12 AM)

Dial *150#

Daily Youtube Package

Rs. 8

500 Mb Youtube Data

1 day

Dial *60#

Daily Social Pack

One of the most popular offers of Telenor 4g is the Daily Social Pack in which users are granted 70 MB of WhatsApp and Facebook data for just Rs. 2.5. The subscription code for daily basic is *311#.

Raat Din offer:

Raat Din offer gives you a high volume of 1.5 GB of internet data at the rate of just 18 rupees for 12 hours span (12 PM to 12 AM). Activate Raat Din offer by dialing *150# and start enjoying the craziest amount of data. 

Daily Youtube Package

Telenor 4g brings up a daily youtube package, which offers 500 MB for youtube streaming. So you can enjoy your favorite videos, TV programs, serials, movies, and shows on youtube for Just Rs. 8. Start streaming youtube videos, dial *60#, and enjoy the exciting youtube data for one day (till midnight).

3-Days Telenor Internet Package





Subscription Code

3-Days Telenor internet Package

Rs. 44

1500 MB

3 days (Flat 1000 mb+500 MB from 12 AM to 8 AM)

Dial *32#

4G 3 day Telenor bundle brings up 1500 MB (Flat 1000 mb+500 MB from 12 AM to 8 AM) internet data for users with the validity of 3 days. To subscribe to this bundle, dial *32# and start experiencing the most affordable and convenient Telenor internet packages. 

Telenor Weekly Internet Packages





Subscription Code

4G Weekly Ultra

Rs. 240

8 GB Internet Data+1GB Goonj TV

7 days


4G Weekly Super

Rs. 110

4000 MB Internet

7 days (2000 MB with validity from 1 AM to 11 AM)


Weekly 6 to 6 offer

Rs. 55

4000 MB Internet

7 days (6 AM to 6  PM)


4G weekly Internet Max

Rs. 50

30 GB Internet

7 days (12 AM to 9PM)


Weekly Zoom Package

Rs. 80

5000 MBs for the Zoom App

7 days


4G weekly ultra

4G weekly ultra bundle provides 8 GB of internet data for browsing your favorite websites and streaming youtube videos. Secondly, there’s 1GB of data for Goonj TV to stream your favorite TV channels at Goonj app. So, to enjoy 4g weekly ultra dial *336# and get 8GB Internet data along with 1GB Goonj data for the whole week.

4G Weekly Super

4G Weekly Super brings up 4000 MB (2000 MB with validity from 1 AM to 11 AM) data for you in just 110 rupees for seven days. Dial *288# now for activation of this bundle and start enjoying the high-volume offer. 

Weekly 6 to 6 offer

Weekly 6 to 6 offer of Telenor gives 4000 MB internet data for the entire week. You can utilize this data between 6 AM to 6 PM. So, Dial *71# for Weekly 6 to 6 offer and start browsing websites, streaming videos, chatting at social media sites. 

4G weekly internet max

4G weekly internet max is the perfect Telenor weekly internet package for you if you seek the highest internet data from 12 AM to 9 AM. Excitingly, this Telenor weekly internet package is available for Just Rs. 50. Dial *19# and start browsing and streaming. 

Weekly Zoom Package

Telenor introduced the Weekly Zoom Package to allow you to attend webinars, conference calls, video sessions, video presentation sessions, online classes, and office meetings with ease. By subscribing weekly zoom package through dialing *345*56#, customers get 5000 MBs for the Zoom app with the validity of one week. 

Telenor Monthly Internet Packages





Subscription Code

4G monthly super bundle

Rs. 330

12000 MB Internet

30 days (6000 MBs can be used between 1 AM-11 AM)


Monthly social pack Plus

Rs. 75

5000 MB data for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter+10000 SMS

30 days


4G Monthly Ultra

Rs. 185

20 GB data

30 days (10GB Data can be used from 12 AM to 8 AM)


4G Monthly Social Pack

Rs. 44.45

3000 MB for Facebook, WhatsApp & Twitter + 100 MB Internet Data

30 days


4G Monthly Starter bundle

Rs. 300

3GB Internet (1 GB for Whatsapp, Gamebox and Goonj app)

30 days


4G Monthly Starter

Rs. 150

8 GB Internet

30 days


Telenor monthly internet packages are meant to give freedom of the entire month to users so they can use hassle-free and fastest 4g Internet for a whole month at the lowest rates. 

4G monthly super bundle

4G monthly super bundle brings up the exciting 12000 MB 4G internet data (6000 MBs can be used from 1 AM to 11 AM) for you in just Rs. 330 for the entire month. This Telenor monthly internet package can be activated by *345*169# or subscribe through My Telenor App.

Monthly social pack plus

Are you looking out for Telenor monthly WhatsApp package, Facebook monthly package, or want to get socialized through social media apps? Then Monthly social pack plus will be a super exciting offer for you. This offer will provide you 5000 MB of data for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter along with 10,000 SMS messages. This monthly offer can be subscribed by dialing *660#.

4G monthly ultra

4G monthly ultra is a superb Telenor net package with a volume of 20GB data (of which 10GB can be used between 12 AM to 8 AM). This data offer will make you tension-free for the whole month. The activation code for this offer is *335#.

4G monthly social pack

4G monthly social pack brings 3000 MB for Facebook, WhatsApp & Twitter along with that 100 MB is also given. This Telenor monthly WhatsApp package gives you the freedom to socialize through Twitter and Facebook. It can be activated by dialing *911# at the rate of Rs. 44.45 per month. 

4G monthly starter bundle

4G monthly starter bundle offers you superb 3GB 4G Internet data in just Rs. 150. In the 3GB data, 1 GB data is exclusively for Whatsapp, Gamebox, and Goonj app. The subscription code for this Telenor Internet Package is *302#.

4G monthly starter

Telenor never lets you away from browsing, streaming, and socializing. Its 4G monthly starter offer gives you access to the stream of Mobile Internet where you will get 8GB data in Rs. 300. Dial *302# and start exploring the world of the Internet, 


  • All subscriptions and unsubscriptions can also be made through My Telenor app and Telenor website.
  • Data Usage can be monitored through My Telenor app to check the remaining data against any bundle. 

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