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Ufone SMS Packages

Ufone SMS Packages

If you love chatting via text messages? Then Ufone can be your first priority! Because they claim to provide the most economical and consumer-friendly Ufone SMS packages. Ufone is among the leading mobile networks, famous for its exceptional and distinguished services. Besides Ufone SMS packages, Ufone is offering a wide collection of call and internet packages. While we talk about available Ufone SMS pkgs, we have daily, weekly, 14-days, monthly, 45-days, and Ufone yearly SMS packages.






Ufone Daily SMS Package

Rs. 4.77 + Tax

1600 free SMS

1 day

SMS ‘SUB’ to 605

Ufone Weekly SMS Package

Rs. 11.95 + Tax

1250 SMS

7 days

SMS ‘SUB’ to 608

14 Days Ufone SMS Package

Rs. 39.33 + Tax

10,500 free SMS

14 days

SMS ‘SUB’ to 603

Ufone monthly SMS Package

Rs. 95.6 + Tax


30 days

SMS ‘SUB’ to 607

45 Days Ufone SMS Package

Rs. 118.31 + Tax


45 days

SMS ‘SUB’ to 614

Ufone yearly SMS Package

Rs. 795.87 + Tax


1 year

SMS ‘SUB’ to 601

Ufone Daily SMS Package

Ufone Daily SMS package gives 1600 free SMS for one day. This package can be subscribed by sending ‘SUB’ to 605. Ufone Daily SMS package is available for the price of Rs. 4.77 + tax. 

Ufone Weekly SMS Package

Ufone Weekly SMS package brings free 1250 SMS for the entire week. Enjoy this Ufone weekly SMS package for Rs. Rs. 11 .95+tax. To subscribe to this weekly bucket, you must be a Uth Package customer. 

How to subscribe Ufone weekly SMS package:

Send ‘SUB’ to 608 and enjoy free text messaging for the week.

14 Days Ufone SMS Pkg

Ufone introduced Ufone fortnightly SMS pkg with a validity of 14 days. By subscribing to this Ufone SMS pkg, you will get 10,500 free SMS in just Rs. 39.33+tax. To subscribe, send ‘SUB’ to 603.

Ufone Monthly SMS package

Enjoy your chatting & conversations with the Ufone Monthly SMS Package. Ufone Monthly Unlimited package gives you 21,000 free SMS. You can subscribe to this bundle for Rs. 95.6+tax. 

How to Subscribe Ufone Monthly SMS package:

Send ‘SUB’ to 607 from your Phone.

45 Days Ufone SMS pkg

Subscribe to 45 Days SMS Bucket and get 31,000 text messages for just Rs. 118.31+tax. Subscribe to it by sending “SUB” to 614.  

Ufone Yearly SMS Package

If you want to be stress-free for the whole year, then Ufone is here to give you a yearly package. Ufone yearly SMS package offers you unlimited SMS for the entire year. Subscription charges for the Ufone Yearly SMS Package are 795.87+tax. So send ‘SUB’ to 601 and enjoy chatting and conversing with your friends and family members for a whole year. 

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