Three alternatives to WhatsApp that protect user privacy

Three alternatives to WhatsApp
Three alternatives to WhatsApp

Learn about the Three alternatives to WhatsApp, WhatsApp recently made headlines after unveiling its updated terms of service that will allow user data, including phone numbers and location, to be collected by parent company Facebook and its subsidiaries. Earlier this week, WhatsApp began carrying out its app-update updates saying an improvement in its Terms of Services and Privacy Policy had been made.

With privacy watchdogs and campaigners who challenged the decision to embrace our data grab or get out, the revised terms of service did not sit well. Here are three WhatsApp alternatives that give users an encrypted messaging platform that ensures that their data is safe and private.

The new service terms did not suit well with privacy watchdogs and activists who challenged the move to “accept our data grab or get out.” Here are three WhatsApp alternatives that give users an encrypted messaging platform that ensures that their information is safe and confidential.


Signal is potentially the best alternative to an encrypted and free portal provided to users by WhatsApp. The app is simple to use and has WhatsApp-like features such as a missed message, speech, and video calling function.

The encrypted messaging software provides an auto-delete option to guarantee still more protection, but animated emojis are the one thing that lags, as the app does not actually support it.

When Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and Space X and now the richest man in the world, tweeted “Use Signal,” Signal saw a sudden increase in downloads.

According to Sensor Tower, Signal was downloaded more than 100,000 times in the Apple and Google app stores over the last two days.


Threema is an end-to-end, free and open-source secure instant messaging software that ensures full protection for users.

The contact list and other details are saved on your device and not in the app. People can use an 8-digit Threema ID to communicate with each other rather than a phone number, VpnMentor reports.

Texts, voice calls, file sharing as well as community chats are supported by the secure software and it also encrypts messages so that no one can keep track of what you share. Messages can be read-only by the receiver and the author.


Telegram is used by more than 200 million daily users. It uses a double-tick system to show someone received a message.

For voice calls there is end-to-end encryption and has an instant erase message feature. To avoid storage problem, users would have to turn on encryption for messages.

Since WhatsApp revealed its latest terms of service, Telegram picked up almost 2.2 million installs, said Sensor Tower.

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