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Top Ten Richest & Wealthiest People in Pakistan – Businessmen, Politicians and Entrepreneurs

Top Ten Pakistani Businessperson

Are you looking to know about Pakistan’s Top Ten Richest People? Then you are at the Right Place where we will cover the Portfolio(s) of All the Richest Persons in Pakistan. Here is the list of Pakistan’s Richest Persons;

List of Top Ten Pakistani Richest People

  1. Shahid Khan
  2. Anwar Pervez
  3. Mian Muhammad Mansha
  4. Sadruddin Hashwani
  5. Asif Ali Zardari
  6. Malik Riaz
  7. Nawaz Sharif
  8. M. Habibullah Khan
  9. Syed Nasir Hussain Schon
  10. Mohammad Zahoor

Shahid Khan

Shahid Khan is a Lahore Lahore-born Pakistani American businessman who is considered the Richest Man in Pakistan. Khan is the owner of the American Football team, the Jacksonville Jaguars. In addition, Shahid Khan owns a yacht named Kismet which is 95.2 meters long. Shahid Khan is listed on Forbes’ list of Billionaires. Here is the Breakdown of Shahid Khan’s Companies, Subsidiaries, Organizations, and Business Projects:

  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Fulham F.C.
  • Flex-N-Gate, LLC
  • Toronto Four Seasons
  • All Elite Wrestling
  • Kismet (Shahid Khan’s Yacht)

Shahid Khan’s Net Worth

As of 2021, Shahid Khan’s Net Worth is over 8.5 billion US Dollars

Anwar Parvez

Recipient of Hilal-i-Pakistan from the Government of Pakistan, Sir Mohammed Anwar Pervez is the Richest Pakistani Born Britain in the United Kingdom. Anwar Pervaiz worked as a Bus Driver and Conductor in the UK. Later, he struggled very hard to become a billionaire. Sir Anwar Pervez is the founder and owner of Bestway Group & United Bank Ltd. 

Sir Mohammed Anwar Pervez’s Net Worth

Mohammad Anwar Pervez’s Net Worth is over £3.1 billion. Anwar Pervez’s Net Worth in USD is around 3.75 billion.

Mian Muhammad Mansha

Mian Muhammad Mansha is one of the wealthiest Pakistani who owns the Multi-National Group of Companies named Nishat Group. Mansha is listed among the Richest Persons in Pakistan and has a multi-billion US Dollars net worth. Mian Muhammad Mansha and his Family own Nishat Group, DG Khan Cement, Emporium Mall, etc. 

Source of Income(s)

  • Nishat Group
  • Nishat Hotels
  • Kia Motors, Faisalabad
  • Muslim Commercial Bank
  • DG Khan Cement
  • Emporium Mall, Lahore
  • Adamjee Group
  • Nishat Chunian Group 
  • Nishat Textile Mills

Mian Muhammad Mansha’s Net Worth

Muhammad Mansha’s Net Worth is over 4 Billion US Dollars. 

Sadruddin Hashwani

Owner of Pearl Continental Hotels & Resorts, Hashoo Group & Hashoo Foundation, Sadruddin Hashwani is the 4th Richest Pakistani (Regarded as the Third Wealthiest Pakistani, Daily Pakistan 2018). 

Sadrudin Hashwani’s Source of Income

  • Hashoo Group
  • PC Hotels and Marriot Hotels
  • Oil and Gas Industries
  • Hashwani owns Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Hashoo Foundation – Non-Governmental Organization

Hashwani’s Net Worth

Hashawani’s Net Worth is about 3.4 Billion USDs. 

Asif Ali Zardari

Asif Ali Zardari, former President of Pakistan & Co-Chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), is also on the Richest Pakistani People list. Zardari is currently the wealthiest Member of the National Assembly, Pakistan. Asif Ali Zardari owns multiple residential & commercial properties in the United Kingdom, Pakistan, and United Arab Emirates. 

Asif Ali Zardari was gifted the Luxurious Bilawal House in Bahria Town Lahore, which worths very expensive.

Asif Ali Zardari’s Source of Income

Zardari is in the list of top ten Paksitani Ricjest People and Zardari’s source of income(s) is;

  • Surrey Estate
  • Agricultural land across Pakistan
  • Property in the UK, Pakistan, and UAE
  • Real Estate Business
  • Diversified Sources (Not Known to the General Public)

Asif Ali Zardari’s Net Worth

Asif Ali Zardari, the Most Richest Politician of Pakistan, has a net worth of over 2 Billion US Dollars. 

Malik Riaz

Controversial Malik Riaz Hussain is one of Asia’s richest Real Estate Developers. Malik Riaz Hussain is the Founder & Owner of Bahria Town. Riaz started his career as a Junior Clerk, then a Contractor, and then turned into a Real Estate tycoon. Malik Riaz’s Bahria Town was built in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and is under construction in Nawab Shah, Sindh. 

Malik Riaz’s Source of Income/Wealth

  • Real Estate Industry
  • Bahria Town & its Subsidiaries

Malik Riaz’s Net Worth

Malik Riaz’s Net Worth is over 1.5 Billion US Dollars. 

Nawaz Shareef

Three times Prime Minister of Pakistan and Former President Pakistan Muslim League (N), Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, is one of the Richest Pakistanis. Nawaz Sharif owns Ittefaq and Sharif Group of Industries. Mian Nawaz Shareef is alleged to have Multiple Flats and Property Sites in the United Kingdom (Panama Leaks), which he rejected. 

Nawaz Sharif’s Net Worth

As of 2020, Mian Nawaz Sharif’s Net Worth is $1.4 billion. 

Habib Ullah Khan

As of 2018’s Richest Pakistani Ranking Index, Muhammad Habib Ullah Khan is listed at number 8. M. Habib Ullah Khan is a Pakistani Business Tycoon and Billionaire. Muhammad Habib Ullah Khan’s Source of Income Include;

  • Hub Power Company
  • Pioneer Cement
  • Habib Dairy Company
  • DP Pakistan Terminal

Habib Ullah Khan’s Net Worth

As of 2018, Billionaire M. Habib Ullah Khan’s Net Worth is about 1.25 Billion US Dollars. 

Syed Nasir Hussain Schon

Nasir Schon is an Emarati-Pakistani Businessman and owner of Schön Group. Syed Nasir purchased and owned Multan Sultans, the Most Expensive Pakistan Super League’s Franchise. Later, Nasir Schön gave up the ownership of Multan Sultans’ ownership for unknown reasons. 

Syed Nasir Hussain Schon’s Source of Income

  • Pak-China Fertilizers
  • Schon Textiles
  • Schon Bank
  • National Fibers

Syed Nasir Hussain’s Net Worth

As of 2020, Billionaire Syed Nasir Hussain’s Net Worth is 1 Billion. 

Muhammad Zahoor

Dr. Muhammad Zahoor is a Pakistani Bueisness Manganate, who earned his Ph.D. from Ukraine. Billionaire Muhammad Zahoor is a well-educated businessman and started his business in Ukraine. Zahoor was the owner of Ukraine’s English Newspaper Kyiv Post. He is places the last in list of top ten Paksitani Businessmen/Richest Person. 

Muhammad Zahoor’s Source of Income

Billionaire Muhammad Zahoor is the owner of ISTIL GROUP, operating across Ukraine, the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan. 

Muhammad Zahoor’s Net Worth

As of 2021, Muhammad Zahoor’s net worth is around 1 Billion USD.

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