Zong SMS Packages 2021

Zong SMS Packages

Zong is not only best in providing 4G internet services, but it also offers superb Call and SMS Packages at Incredible prices. If you are searching for the best suitable Zong SMS Packages, then Zong offers the widest collection of multiple Zong SMS bundles. The unique thing about Zong is that they offer packages with different validities at less economical rates like; if you are looking for Zong SMS Packages, then you can get Daily, Weekly, 15-Days, and Monthly Bundle. If you are a Postpaid Zong user, then zong brings the following bundles;

Zong Postpaid SMS Bundles






Postpaid Unlimited SMS Bundle

Unlimited SMS

30 Days

Rs. 90 + Tax

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Postpaid 700 SMS Bundle

700 SMS

30 Days

Rs 50 + Tax

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Postpaid 300 SMS Bundle

300 SMS

30 Days

Rs. 25 + Tax

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Postpaid Unlimited SMS Bundle: 

Enjoy Unlimited SMS for one month with this zong sms pkg in Rs. 90+tax

Postpaid 700 SMS Bundle: 

Get 700 SMS monthly at Rs. 50 plus tax.  

Postpaid 300 SMS Bundle

This Zong SMS package brings 300 SMS in Rs. 23+tax per month. 

Zong Prepaid SMS Bundles






Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle

500 SMS, 1 MB internet, and 30 MBs internet for WhatsApp

1 Day

Rs. 5 + Tax


Weekly SMS + WhatsApp Bundle

1500 SMS, and 200 MBs of internet

7 Days

Rs. 21 + Tax


15 Days Unlimited

Unlimited SMS to all networks

15 Days

Rs 149 + Tax


Monthly SMS + WhatsApp Bundle

500 SMS/Day, and 30 MBs WhatsApp per Day

30 Days

Rs. 50 + tax


Zong Daily SMS Package

By subscribing to the Zong daily SMS package, you will receive 500 SMS at Rs. 7. 30 MB of WhatsApp data is also given, which can be used for voice & video calling, sharing pictures, and videos. Zong Daily SMS Package can be subscribed through the Zong website or My Zong App.

Zong Weekly SMS Package

If you are looking for a weekly SMS plan? Then the Zong Weekly SMS & WhatsApp bundle is perfect for you. To subscribe to this Zong weekly SMS Package, get into the My Zong app or Zong website and get 1500 SMS and 200 MB Whatsapp data. In addition, you can use 200 MB of WhatsApp Data for voice & video calling, sharing pictures and videos. This Zong Weekly SMS Package is available for Rs. 28, which is absolute in this price range. 

15-Days SMS Bundle

Start chatting with your friends and fellows without any tension! Because Zong gives you freedom for 15 days with its 15 Days Unlimited SMS Bundle. This Zong SMS pkg brings up unlimited SMS for you in just Rs. 149 plus tax. 

Zong Monthly SMS Package

Zong introduced the most awaited Zong monthly SMS package, bringing 500 SMS and 30 MB data per day for the entire month. Charges for setting up this zong SMS pkg are Rs. 66. 

So, start socializing with your circle with Zong’s unique SMS and WhatsApp bundles. 

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