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Abdul Sattar Edhi

Abdul Staff Edhi is a Paksitani Humanitarian, Social Worker, and philanthropist who is the beneficiary of Nishan I Imtiaz, International Lenin Peace Prize, and Gandhi Peace Award. He is well known as the “Angel of Mercy”. 

Abdul Sattar Edhi Family

Edhi married Bilquis Bano (Later, Bilquis Edhi), who was Nuse at Edhi Trust Dispensary. She is a Co-Head and Founding Member of Edhi Trust. Abdus Sattar Edhi and Bilquis Edhi have four children, famous philanthropist and current head of Edhi Welfare Foundation, Faisal Edhi, and their elder son. 

Biography of Abdul Sattar Edhi

Edhi was born on 28 February 1928 in Bantva, India. When he was in his early childhood, his mother became seriously ill and got paralyzed. Edhi used to assist her in daily activities, bringing an enthusiasm for helping others in young Edhi. Edhi’s Education was affected because of his mother’s serious condition. Unfortunately, his mother died when he was 19. 

After the Independence of Pakistan, Edhi moved to Karachi, Pakistan, where he started working as a peddler, later, a commission agent. 

After two years, he decided to give up his job and establish a Free Dispensary to serve and treat needy people without any cost. He asked people to donate and raised a fund of 2 lacs; he founded the Dispensary and named it Edhi Trust. Edhi actively participated in activities of Edhi Trust, and People started trusting his services. Edhi collected funds and purchased one Ambulance. People’s Confidence in Edhi was building very speedily, resulting in many Non-Profitable trusts. Initially, One Edhi Ambulance was there, usually drive-by Edhi in Karachi to carry patients from far away areas.  

Edhi Welfare Trusts

Following Services are provided under the Umbrella of Edhi Trust. Regardless of cast, color, and creed, you can call edhi helpline and can get any of these edhi services; 

World’s Largest Edhi Ambulance Services

The fleet of Edhi Ambulances is the largest in the world and holds the Guinness World Record. 

Children Services

Childcare, Children Hospital, Feeding of Newbabies and children for childless families. 

Graveyard Services

Edhi Trust is providing burial and Ghusl (Bath) services for unclaimed dead bodies. 

Hospital Services 

Free Consultancy Clinic, Laboratory, Pre Diabetic Centre, Nursing Training Centre, Immunization Center, Patient Utility Service

Edhi Animal Hostel

Besides humans, Abdus Sattar Edhi is also providing shelter for animals. Edhi Center is turned into Edhi Animal Hostel, where unclaimed animals are reared. 

  • Homes & Orphanage Centres
  • Edhi Morgue Services
  • Marriage Bureau Services
  • Langer Service (Free Kitchen)
  • Rehabilitation Center
  • Missing Persons Service


Abdus Sattar Edhi is the recipient of dozens of awards from many National and International Associations. Here are some of his accolades:

National Awards for Edhi

  • Silver Jubilee Shield by College of Physicians and Surgeons
  • Moiz ur rehman Award
  • Social Worker of Sub-Continent award from Government of Sindh
  • Government of Pakistan awarded Edhi with Nishan-e-Imtiaz, in recognition of his excellent services. 
  • He is the first recipient of Jinnah Award. He received Jinnah Award for Outstanding Services to Pakistan in April 1998 by The Jinnah Society.
  • Shield of Honor by Pakistan Army
  • Khidmat Award by the Pakistan Academy of Medical Sciences (PAMS)
  • Received Human Rights Award from Pakistan Human Rights Society
  • In year 2013, Edhi was selected as Person of the Year by the readers of “The Express Tribune”

International Accolades for Abdul Sattar Edhi

  • Ramon Magsaysay Award for Public Service
  • Lenin Peace Prize
  • Paul Harris Fellow from Rotary International
  • Peace Prize from the former USSR, for services during the Armenian earthquake disaster 
  • Hamdan Award for volunteers in Humanitarian Medical Services (2000), UAE
  • International Balzan Prize (2000) for Humanity, Peace and Brotherhood, Italy
  • Peace and Harmony Award (2001), Delhi
  • Peace Award (2004), Mumbai
  • Peace Award (2005), Hyderabad Deccan
  • Gandhi Peace Award (2007), Delhi
  • Seoul Peace Prize (2008), Seoul
  • Honorary doctorate from the Institute of Business Administration Karachi
  • UNESCO-Madanjeet Singh Prize
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Peace Prize
  • Honorary Doctorate by the University of Bedfordshire 
  • London Peace Award (2011), London

Death of Abdul Sattar

The Angel of Mercy, Edhi, died on 8th July 2016. The government of Pakistan declared his funeral as State Funeral, and PM Nawaz Shareef declared National Mourning. He is the only one after Jinnah and Zia Ul Haq, who received state gun carriage funeral. President Mamnoon Hussain, Chairman Senate Raza Rabbani, Shahbaz Shareef, Chief of Army Staff Raheel Shareef, and many notable personalities attended his funeral at National Stadium, Karachi. 

After his demise, his wife, Bilquis Edhi, and his elder son, Faisal Edhi,  started managing all the operations of nationwide Edhi Centers. 

Edhi Helpine

Contact nearest Edhi Center by dialing Edhi Helpline “115”.

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