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Google reveals interesting trends in Google search for Pakistanis in 2020

Google reveals interesting trends in Google search
Google reveals interesting trends in Google search for Pakistanis

Google reveals interesting trends in Google search for Pakistanis, Over the past year, the Coronavirus epidemic has significantly affected everyone’s lives, including Google in 2020.

As coronavirus infections in Pakistan have increased by nearly 1.5 million, Google reveals interesting trends in the Google search for the Year’s report for 2020, which shows what were the most popular topics and questions of citizens.

According to Google, some of the most viewed topics in search companies include “children’s homework, TV shows dubbed in Urdu”, “how to adopt a pet”, and “stress reduction” resources. In addition, people were curious about how to increase the “charity work” and how they could reuse different products in their lives .

Not only that, Pakistanis were surprisingly interested in “gender equality”. The report shows online search in collective trends, highlighting the curiosity of the Pakistani people and the opportunities for brands has been affected.

In this regard, Faraz Azhar, head of Google’s industry in South Asia, noted that the corona virus epidemic has affected people’s lives in “fundamental ways” and “how we live our lives significantly.” How has that changed?

“This has led to a 41% increase in the number of people seeking charity in our nation,” he added. The search for “disease prevention” has increased by 109%. Searches for “gender equality” saw a 40 increase, while “mental health assistance” and “charity work” saw an increase of 100 and 122 percent respectively.

It seems like more time at home and the resulting anger, people wanting to work harder, as evidenced by a 71% increase in the “best way to work.” Others were more interested in playing online games but it was more physical, so the search for a “gaming chair” increased by 90%.

In addition, some people think that there is a 700% increase in spending time and finding “adopt a pet”. Others, on the other hand, wondered if they could make more money, leading to a 223% increase in the search for “stock investment”.

Similarly, parents faced problems with their children because the classes had shifted online and were working from home. This saw a 250 per cent increase in searches for “children’s home activities”, a 328 per cent increase in “dubbed in Urdu” and a 140٪ increase in “easy desserts”.

“In a year of historic challenges, happiness and joy are very welcomed,” said Amir Altaf, Google’s head of customer solutions sales for South Asia.

“Consumers are embracing brands that create happiness and create a safe space for them after work breaks, for example,” Altaf said. We’ve seen a 35% increase in online games over the same period last year, looking for a 15% reduction.

Google showed the top Google search of Pakistani people in 2020, the most important of which are:

Corona virus
Thanks Corona Virus Helpers
Corona virus advice
Corona virus latest
Covid-19 symptoms
US elections
Pakistan vs England
Zimbabwe vs Pakistan
Google Classroom
US election 2020
PSL 2020
India v New Zealand
England v Australia
England v West Indies
Cases in Pakistan
Pakistan Medical Council
Leap day
International Women’s Day
Fire in Australia
Gilgit-Baltistan Election 2020 Results
Beirut blast

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