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TVs and smartphones are enemies of children’s mental health

Effects of mobiles on Children
Effects of mobiles on Children

Experts warn that there are several Effects of mobiles on Children, At the age of five, children who watch cartoons on TV, smartphones, or tablets for long periods of time suffer from a number of psychological issues.

Children aged 18 months to five years were observed to see how their everyday use of televisions, smartphones, and tablets influences their mood.

According to statistics, 23% of 18-month-olds and 95% of five-year-olds spend over an hour a day in front of these devices. This is higher than the World Health Organization’s recommended limit.

Experts discovered that children who spend a lot of time watching cartoons on TVs, laptops, and tablet screens have a variety of psychological issues. For example:

  • Bad Mood
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Bad Effects of Mobiles on Children:

Academic Performance:

Many students bring their phones to school with them. Chatting with friends or playing games during recesses or even in class is becoming more popular. As a result, children fail to pay attention in class & miss out important lessons.

Medical Issues:

Children, who spend their spare time on mobiles or TVs, do not indulge in physical activity or get enough fresh air. This puts them at risk for obesity and other disorders, which can lead to dangerous diseases including diabetes and hypertension.

This research is valuable given that, as technology advances, children and adults of all ages are increasingly using smartphones and tablets.

According to the researchers, parents should not allow their children to spend too much time in front of computers, smartphones, or tablet screens, and instead provide them with more opportunities for other activities so that they are shielded from psychological issues at a young age.

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