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Muslims heroes who put their live on line to save humanity


I need to hail a couple of Muslim saints from across the globe who put their lives at risk to save others. Explicitly by confronting fear-based oppressors who had come to execute for the sake of a similar God these legends had faith in. It is critical to invigorate our recollections so that each time a fear-based oppressor is referenced; a legend is recalled too who battled him.

1.Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan

Corporal Khan was an American U.S. Armed force Specialist who passed on August 2007 in Baqaubah, Iraq alongside three different officers when a bomb detonated while they were clearing a house. It is accounted for that he was profoundly determined by the 9/11 assaults on the World Trade Center and needed to show that not all Muslims were aficionados but rather that many, similar to him, were able to lay their lives down for their nation, America. Kareem enrolled following graduation and was shipped off Iraq in July 2006. Khan was 20 years of age at the hour of his passing. He got a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart for his administration and was elevated after death to the position of Corporal.

Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan - Wikipedia

2.James Michael ‘Jimmy’ Ahern

Significant James Ahern of the US Army met Lena during his second visit through Iraq. Jimmy changed over to Islam, hitched Lena, and carried her home to the United States. After two years on his third visit to Iraq in 2007, Ahern, 43 years old, was murdered in Baghdad when his vehicle struck a side of the road bomb. His widow, Lena Ahern, said she feels embarrassed her better half kicked the bucket in her country because of her kin. He had served in the Army for a very long time and should resign in 2009. “Jimmy was the best blessing I at any point had,” Lena said of her late spouse whom she was hitched to for a very long time and furthermore has a little girl with. Major Ahern was an adorned fighter who was granted two Bronze Stars during his lifetime.

James M. Ahearn - California's War Dead - Los Angeles Times

3.Abdul Haji

Westgate Mall, Nairobi, September 21, 2013; picture a little white young lady stumbling into the tiled floor of the retail plaza towards an African man who acquired worldwide popularity. That young lady, her mom, and kin were one of the many individuals that Abdul Haji, a 38-year old Kenyan finance manager and the man in the image, saved that day from the destructive shooting executed by Al-Shabaab. He was tasting espresso at another area when he got a book from his sibling at Westgate, enlightening him regarding an assault. Haji sped over to basically protect his sibling yet wound up being important for a challenging salvage activity that was conveyed by courageous regular citizens like him and the Red Cross. Haji’s message: Islam shows harmony, what the psychological oppressors did is in opposition to that educating.

Abdul Haji: DPP Haji brother's rare act of courage that moved the world

4.Aitzaz Hasan

He was a Pakistani school kid from Hangu District in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa area who forfeited his life while keeping a self-destruction aircraft from entering his school of 2,000 understudies at Ibrahimzai town of Hangu. January 2014, Aitzaz is said to have recognized a dubious individual close to the doors of his school. At the point when Aitzaz attempted to stop him, he began strolling quicker towards the school.

It is accounted for that Aitzaz’s companion detected a detonator on the individual and ran inside the school to alarm the specialists while Aitzaz tossed a stone at the plane trying to stop him yet missed. It was then that Aitzaz ran towards the individual and got him, provoking the self-destruction plane to explode his dangerous loaded vest. Aitzaz was seriously singed and passed on at the emergency clinic, saving each other understudy and staff part nearby that day. He was 16 years of age. Aitzaz was hailed as a public legend and was granted Sitara-e-Shujaat (Star of Bravery) by the Government of Pakistan. He was additionally named as the Herald’s Person of the Year for 2014.

Aitzaz Hasan: Tributes to Pakistan teenager killed when he stopped a bomber  - BBC News

5.Humayun Saqib Muazzam Khan

Commander Khan was a Pakistani American who served in the US Army as an arms official and was positioned in Baqaubah, Iraq. On June 8, 2014, Khan passed on in a self-destruction vehicle bombarding at the fundamental entryways of his base. Khan’s unit was accused of the everyday security and upkeep of the camp, and as an arms official, he had looked like a few of his fighters arranged to do a normal vehicle review. At the point when an orange-hued taxi headed toward them, Khan requested his officers to “hit the soil”. He strolled towards the vehicle, motioning for it to stop. A shoddy bomb inside it detonated, executing him and two Iraqi regular citizens notwithstanding the two self-destruction planes. Commander Humayun Khan was 27 years old. He was granted a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart for his support of his country.

Humayun Saqib Muazzam Khan Memorial, LifeStory - LifePosts

6.Tahira Qazi

In the event that you think superwomen don’t exist, in actuality, here’s one to refute you. On the morning of December 16, 2014, vigorously furnished Taliban aggressors entered the grounds of Army Public School, Peshawar, and gunned down 150 individuals, 132 of them were youngsters. The greater part of the casualties was caught in an amphitheater that they’d accumulated in for a talk. “Talk to me I am their mother!”

As the aggressors experienced the school shooting understudies and individuals from staff, Tahira, the APS Principal remained back and encouraged her understudies to avoid, getting them out of the structure. She was safeguarded twice by the warriors countering the Taliban assault however she wouldn’t leave. “I will go with the last kid,” she was accounted for as saying. Hours after the assault, Tahira’s body was found in the brambles outside the school. She had a shot injury to the front of her head, and it appeared as though a blast may have removed her from the structure.

APS principal refused to leave school until the last child was rescued'

7.Ahmed Merabet

January 7, 2015, Paris; how about we recall the French official working who was shot point-clear by the getting away from fear-mongers after they’d gunned down 12 craftsmen at Charlie Hebdo. Ahmed, a 40-year-old French Muslim, had been watching the local where Charlie Hebdo is situated for as far back as 8 years, completely mindful that this was the magazine that doled out parody, now and again roughly mocking the religion he professed to follow.

However, he never represented a danger to them in spite of being furnished consistently that he watched those roads. All things considered, he attempted to stop the fear-based oppressors who professed to have slaughtered for the sake of his God and kicked the bucket in the line of obligation. French President Francois Hollande made certain to put a police cap and a blue Legion d’honneur identification on Merabet’s coffin as the nation offered its final appreciation to the saint and let him go.

Policeman Ahmed Merabet mourned after death in Charlie Hebdo attack |  Charlie Hebdo attack | The Guardian

8.Lassana Bathily

January 9, 2015, in Paris; another saint arose while one of the fear mongers assaulted a genuine general store where he worked. The 24-year old Malian man concealed his clients, in any event, 6 people, in the cooler while he took a chance with his own life and escaped to advise the police about what was happening. His valiance saved those individuals that day as well as acquired him French citizenship that was optimized after around 300,000 individuals marked an appeal online to allow him legitimate status.

138 Lassana Bathily Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images

9.Adel Termos

November 12, 2015, Beirut was shaken by two blasts leaving 43 dead. The butchery would’ve been a lot more awful notwithstanding one 32-year old Lebanese father who saw the subsequent plane methodology the group minutes after the first exploded his self-destruction coat. Termos was on the telephone with his significant other around then. His final words to her were, “I will help the injured.” After that, there was a subsequent impact and his telephone went dead. Termos had handled the second aircraft from behind, securing him a hug while they were about 50 yards from the objective group gathering after nightfall supplications. The aircraft, at that point, exploded his vest. Termos passed on in the impact, saving many others to the detriment of his own life.

Adel Termos: The Sacrifice That Saved Hundreds

10. Safir

Paris once more; November 13, 2015, when a progression of fear-based oppressor assaults murdered 129 regular folks. A Muslim of Algerian plunge was behind the bar at Casa Nostra eatery when he heard blasts and shouts as glass shards in a real sense descended upon everybody present.

In the midst of the tumult at his café, he spotted two ladies on the patio, both were harmed and dying. More secure sat tight for a break in the terminating and the primary possibility he got, he ran outside, got them, and hurried them down the stairs to the cellar. He remained with them, attempting to stop the seeping as they could, in any case, hear weighty gunfire above. In the event that that is not a saint, I don’t have the foggiest idea who is. More secure said of the aggressors that “Genuine Muslims are not made for executing individuals. These are hoodlums.”

Assad Regime Open to Dialogue with Muslim Brotherhood, Expresses Optimism  on Local Situation — Naharnet

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