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Proton has announced the price of its Sedan Saga.

Protons New Sedan Saga
Protons New Sedan Saga

Proton’s New Sedan Saga Price in Pakistan

The price of Proton’s New Sedan Saga, which will be available in three variants: Saga MT, Saga AT, and Saga Ace, has been revealed.

Saga basic manual transmission car costs Rs1.97 million, Saga basic automatic transmission car costs Rs2.12 million and Saga Ace (automatic transmission with a few extra features) car costs Rs2.22 million.

Honda City, Toyota Yaris, and Changan Alsvin are all in the same group as Saga. The Proton Saga is the cheapest sedan in Pakistan, with a starting price of less than Rs2 million.

Changan’s Alsvin is currently selling Pakistan’s cheapest new sedan, with the lowest manual model costing Rs2.2 million.

 Al-Haj, the Pakistani manufacturer of FAW automobiles, has teamed up with Malaysian automaker Proton to launch the vehicle. The company claims to be able to produce 25,000 units a year.

However, before the new car launched in Pakistani, the company boosted the prices of its two higher models by Rs50, 000 and Rs100, 000. The automatic version is now available for Rs2.45 million, while the premium automatic Lumiere is now available for Rs2.65 million.

In addition, Proton Pakistan will offer 100 limited-editions Saga R3 – 1332cc models with manual and automatic transmissions. The automatic car costs Rs2.45 million, while the manual car costs Rs2.15 million. The cars will be sold after a lucky draw, according to the company. People will be able to book cars on the company’s website, and a lucky draw will be held after 10 days.

Companies are permitted to import 100 units of a car model with significant duty relief under the Auto Development Policy 2016-21. Proton Malaysia has released a limited edition of the Saga R3, with only 2000 units being produced.

Under the Auto Development Policy 2016-21, Proton has been granted green-field status. Under the new status, new companies like Proton, Kia, Hyundai, MG Motors, Sazgar, and Changan would pay lower duties than established companies like Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki.

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