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Urdu Keyboard 2020 | Best Urdu typing keyboard

Urdu keyboard 2020
Urdu keyboard 2020

If you want to send a message to friends and family in Urdu, Roman, or English, with complete Urdu, English & Roman words recommendations. Urdu Keyboard 2020 with offline Urdu dictionary is the best choice for you.

This Urdu Keyboard 2020 is a complete Urdu keyboard that contains all words on a single QWERTY Urdu keyboard. It is now much easier to create contacts in Urdu, send SMS in Urdu, and search on Google in Urdu. You can write English and Roman without changing the keyboard type with this Urdu Keyboard application. The Urdu and English keyboards are available in this Keyboard app.

Urdu keyboard has been activated with Zer Zabar and major Urdu words like Asslam-o-Alaikum, Bismillah, MashALLAH, and JazakAllah. You can type frequently used complete Urdu words quickly and easily. The English Offline Dictionary and Urdu Offline Dictionary features are also included in this keyboard app.

This free Urdu Keyboard 2020 will be the best option for you if you are looking for Urdu Keyboard for WhatsApp or Urdu keyboard for Facebook. You can now use the Urdu Keyboard in WhatsApp to communicate with your contacts in Urdu. Additionally, this Urdu keyboard with stylish layouts is compatible with all apps, allowing you to type Urdu in any application.

Download Urdu Keyboard 2020 from here.

Features of Urdu Keyboard:

Languages: The app allows the users to type in Urdu, English & Roman Wordings.
Layout: App Layout is very simple and user-friendly with multiple designs.
Suggestions: Auto Next word suggestions will be provided to users.
EMOJI: Emoji keyboard is also added in Urdu Keyboard 2020.
Vocabulary: Up-to-date vocabulary 300,000+ words and vocabulary is updated from time to time every week.

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