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Mosques to stay open in COVID like last year

Capital Mosques an sops
Sops and capital

According to the sources, Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Inter-Faith Harmony Noor-ul-Haq Qadri stated that no matter what Religious obligations will be taken care for along with them. All Mosques will stay operative in Ramazan. Like the last year, Covid SOPs will be accounted for in all terms and conditions.

Addressing to a Hifz-o-Qirat contest where he was applauded as the Chief-Guest. He encouraged individuals to follow prudent steps. While performing strict commitments to religious matters and exhorted them against lowering their defenses against the COVID pandemic.

Qadri reported to the authority that government was occupied with arrangements for Hajj. “When the Saudi government reports SOPs, the public authority will finish arrangements in such manner.”

Qadri in a speech added, that frequent progression was in progress to make Pakistan much the same as the territory of Madinah. Giving food to poor people and development of sanctuaries was among the underlying strides towards that objective. Furthermore, such tendencies were more intact to create an environment to fight against the pandemic.
In the last Ashra of Ramazan, Qayam-ul-Lail, 14 out of 48 Huffaz and Qurras were selected. For the recitation of Holy Quran in Faisal Masjid.

The Minister exaggerated such statement at the time. When the third wave for the Covid came into action and is now giving no indications of reducing its impact on its positivity ratio, with the Covid energy proportion crossing 11% on Monday, with more cases to reported in Covid environments.

Due to no taking care of SOPs and maintaining social distances cases have risen and the third layer of Covid is in effect causing more harm than the first two waves.

According to the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) stats proved that 40,369 tests were directed and almost just now out of which 4,525 tests returned positive. Furthermore, taking the surrounding proportion to 11.21%. As this is more than the mortality rate of Covid-19.

This is an alarming situation which states that new Covid cases are on the rise throughout the country. And is now breaching the entire scale. The newly reported cases are 659,116. From these cases, almost 264,889 were reported in Sindh, followed by Punjab 215,227 were reported, in KPK 56450 were reported, in the Federal Capital 56,450, in Baluchistan 19525, AJK reported 12484 and in GB 5010 were reported.

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