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How to get Arms License in Punjab, KPK, Sindh & Baluchistan – Complete Guide


In every territory of the world, Arms and Weapons are banned, illegal, and prohibited. An individual has no authority to use and display arms, but one can complete Departmental Procedure (Laid down by their Government/Institutes) to use and display weapons for any predefined/predeclared purpose(s). Same is the case in Pakistan, there is a complete procedure to get arms/weapons license in Pakistan after verification and authentication by the Ministry of Interiors, Government of Pakistan. 

Eligibility Criteria for getting Arms License in Pakistan

Following may be considered as Eligibility for getting Arm License in Punjab, KPK, Sindh and Balochistan;

  • You must have a solid reason to get a license for your arms/weapons. Reasons for Arms can be for sports, protection & Display.
  • You are eligible for issuance of Arm License in Pakistan if you are CEO/Owner of Firm/Company/Office and you need security for that. FOr this, you must have an NTN Number to get Arm(s) license for your office. 
  • Applicant should be over 18 years and he must holds Computerized Card issued from NADRA. 
  • Other Testimonials like Documented Permission from SSP/DSP may be required for issuance of Weapon License in Punjab and other provinces of Pakistan. 

How to get Arms/weapon License in Pakistan (specifically discussing Punjab)

All four provinces of Pakistan have more or less the same procedure to get an Arm or Weapons license. Given Below is the Procedure for getting License in PUnjab

  • Download Application form here or Click. Fill all the Blocks carefully in BLOCK letters.
  • Fill all the boxes, where empty, put N/A.
  • Attach one Copy of NADRA issued Card
  • There is a Column for concerned Police Station to verify the details of Applicant. Either DSP, SP or Relevant officer will countersign here. 
  • To get an arms License in Punjab, you must visit in person to Deputy Commissioner Office of your District with CNIC and Application Form. Deputy Commissioner will allow/disallow further proceeding for Arms License in accordance with Rules & Regulations of Arms/weapons.
  • After the approval from the Deputy Commissioner, You have to paste tickets of PKR 2000 or equivalent on your form. (These Tickets will Renew every year)
  • After completion of all mentioned procedures you are now required to submit the Arms Application form to the Licensing Branch at the DC Office, from where you will be issued Arms License. 
  • Now, after getting Arms License, you can purchase Arms, Guns, Weapons from authorized dealers only. 


  • Procedure for getting Arms’ license in other provinces may slightly differ from this!
  • Don’t use unauthorized arms/licenses in any capacity, it’s a crime!
  • Always purchase Arms from Government authorized shops/dealers.

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