Junaid Akram – GanjiSwag, Khali Karao, Personal Life & Career. 

Junaid Akram

Ganjiswag, also known as Junaid Akram, is a Pakistani stand-up comedian, YouTuber, and artist. Junaid Akram is one of the most-watched YouTubers in Pakistan. He is famous for his dialogues like Khali Wali, Khali Karao etc. Junaid has emerged from a Lower Middle-Class family in Karachi. Akram moved to Dubai, UAE, in his adulthood to earn a livelihood. In the United Arab Emirates, he learnt some Arabic words, which are frequently used in his videos, like his famous dialogue; Khali Karao is also derived from Arabic, which means to get rid of something. 

Junaid Akram’s Age

Born on 18th July 1983, Junaid Akram’s age is 38 (As of 2021). 

Junaid Akram’s Education

There’s no Specific Information about Junaid Akram’s Education. Still, he is truly a man who aims to provide education through his video, and he announced that he would build a library soon. 

Junaid Akram’s Wife & Family

In his video, Junaid talked about his wife, but no authentic information has been provided. Junaid has been accused several times of harassing girls, which he has denied. 

Junaid Akram YouTube Career (Channels and their Stats)

There are three channels of Junaid. Following are the channels with their stats;

Junaid Akram 

  • Total Subscribers: 648K subscribers
  • Channel Created in May 2006
  • Total Channel Views: 71,605,375 views
  • Awards: YouTube Silver Button

Ask Ganjiswag

  • Total Subscribers: 80.1K 
  • Channel Created in Nov 2020
  • Total Channel Views: 4,469,766 views

Junaid Akram Shorts

  • Total Subscribers: 58K subscribers
  • Channel created in Nov 2020
  • Channel’s total Views: 775,363 views

Junaid Akram’s Social Presence:


Link to Juanaid’s Facebook Account: 

Number of Followers: 1.4 Million


Link to Juanaid’s Instagram Account:

Number of Followers: 315K


Link to Juanaid’s Twitter Account:

Number of Followers: 40.2K 


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