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New Smart Face Mask Introduced: Smart Face Mask Price is Over 50,000 Pakistani Rupees

Smart Face Mask
Smart Face Mask equipped with Bluetooth & Air Filters.

Smart Face Mask

New Smart Face mask introduced in America. While the importance of face masks increased after the coronavirus, the world’s largest companies and brands also introduced amazing, smart, and expensive face masks.

Many other technology companies, including LG, have already introduced smart face mask, which includes LED lights and Charging features.

Now American rapper William Adams also known as Will I am has teamed up with American company Honeywell and Jose Fernandez to introduce an amazing and unique face mask.

Yes, William Adams has teamed up with Honeywell and Jose Fernandez to introduce the amazing Face Mask.

The super mask features three fans and digital filters that purify the air for breathing.

While the Super Mask has air-filtering fans, it also has Bluetooth headset and a microphone. All the features of Super Mask work with the help of battery.

The battery of the this Mask lasts for 7 hours and its filters can be replaced after 30 days.

The price of this face mask is 300 US dollars, which is up to 50,000 Pakistani rupees.

A discount sale has also been introduced on this super mask in the United States in which a discount of up to 80$ will be given on the purchase of this face mask from the company’s website.

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