Standup Comedian Tabish Hashmi – Age, Life, Shows and Career

Tabish Hashmi

Tabish Ahmed Hashmi is a Pakistani-Canadian Standup Comedian, Host and Actor. Tabish is currently hosting Nashpati Prime’s YouTube Show “To Be Honest 3.0”. Tabish’s Comedy Shows are gathering millions of viewers. Within a few days, Tabish’s show with actress Mathira garnered more than 6 million views. 

Tabish Hashmi’s Family

Tabish Hashmi’s family is settled in Canada. He often comes to Pakistan. Tabish’s wife Hira is Housemaker, and they both have 2 children together. 

Tabish Hashmi Education & Career

An alumnus of Habib Public School, Karachi, Sir Syed University of Engineering Karachi, and Institute of Business Administration, Karachi, Tabish is a Graduate. Tabish has had a great sense of humour since his childhood, which later emerged as a comedian. After getting fame and success from The Laughing Stock, he started his new show on Nashpati Prime with TBH – To Be Honest. Tabish’s TBH – To be Honest earned great viewership across the region. He is hosting shows with leading Showbiz celebrities, cricketers, and Youtubers. Major stars he has interviewed include Nadir Ali, Raza Samo, Mansha Pasha, Sohai Ali Abro, Mehwish Hayat, Ayesha Omer, etc. Tabish’s Interview with Actress Mathira gathered over 6 Million Viewers on YouTube. Mathira and Tabish’s Interview is one of the trending YouTube videos of that time!

Tabish has recently hosted Comedy with Celebrity shows for Daraz Pakistan (Hasna Mana hy) and Kurkure & Pepsi Pakistan (Kurkure Jhatpat Jugaar). 

Tabish Hashmi Shows

  • The Laughing Stock
  • To Be Honest 
  • To Be Honest 2.0
  • To Be Honest 3.0
  • Hasna Mana Hy at Daraz’ YouTube Channel
  • Kurkure Jhatpat Jugaar @ Nashpati Prime

Tabish Hasmi’s YouTube Channel -Nashaptai Prime

Nashpati Prime: This YouTube Channel has broadcast Tabish’s Shows To Be Honest and its 2.0 Version, and now airing To Be Honest 3.0.


  • Total Subscribers: 785K Subscribers
  • Channel created in Jun 2018
  • Channel’s total views: 90,112,064 views
  • Awards: YouTube Silver Button

Tabish Hashmi Social Media Handlers

Instagram: tabishhashmi

Number of Tabish’s Insta Followers: 135K

Facebook Page: Tabish Ahmed Hashmi 

Number of Tabish’s FB Followers: 659K


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